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Light Up the World - See how groups worldwide are brightening our future through this interactive map of the emerging superpower for peace.

Peace E-cards - Our free selection of e-cards includes a category devoted to peacemaking:  inner and outer.

The Syrian Crisis, A Reason for Gratefuness?
Can this be our opportunity to wake up to the age-old facts about fear and violence?

A New Reason for Gratitude - An essay by Br. David Steindl-Rast on how to wake up to the madness of violence and counter-violence. (Deutsche)

The Price of Peace - An article by Br. David Steindl-Rast exploring the cost of an extremely high good.

All in the Same Boat - Together we can do something for peace, as this interview with Brother David shows.

Meditation on the United Nations - What do you say to a gathering of the world's most prominent spiritual leaders?  Read these poignant words of Brother David at the close of the 30th Anniversary of the U.N.

The Three Pies - In an excerpt from her book Evolving Towards Peace, Jalaja Bonheim shows that by opening our hearts to people with trust instead of judging them out of fear, we can bring out the best in them.

Light a Candle for Peace - Many people feel that these are dark days with “wars and rumors of wars.” We can lift the darkness by our prayers and actions, and also by the ancient ritual of candle-lighting.

Where the Mind Is without Fear - In this poem, Rabindranath Tagore honors the desire of people everywhere to live in a world not "broken up into fragments."

Prayer, by George Ella Lyon - Can you imagine what Our Mother Who Art in the kitchen is cooking up? This extraordinary poem takes a look at a divine Mother who is tender, nurturing, and – when warranted – fierce.

Gift Person: Vinoba Bhave: "All revolutions are spiritual at the source. All my activities have the sole purpose of achieving a union of hearts."

Gift Person: Etty Hillesum - What Etty Hillesum stands for is gratefulness against all the odds, even in a death camp.

Gift Person: Ben Salmon - Ridicule, solitary confinement, and even getting dragged off to an insane asylum only intensified Salmon’s resolve to oppose militaristic idolatry by placing faith in God’s justice and mercy alone.

Gift Person: Dorothy Day represented a new type of political holiness - a way of serving Christ not only through prayer and sacrifice but through solidarity with the poor and in struggle along the path of justice and peace.

God's Maternal Love by D.N. Rowan. We can keep giving, spreading strength and calm, embodying that exquisite balance of wisdom and compassion of a maternal Buddha, or a maternal Christ.

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Peace Activism - We fully support peace activism. If you are looking to get involved we recommend you start with this Wikipedia list of peace organizations.

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