(ages 4-12)

Welcome!  Have you ever thought
that simply being alive is a gift?
Or had a hard time with life
and wondered what might help?
Here are some ideas and activities
about gratefulness
just for you.

Child with duck, turtle, and cat - print by Helen SieglCheck out what's
on our site:

A Good Day – You think this is just another day…but is it?  (Video)

Picture Gallery - View pictures by kids from all over the world.  If you get inspired by them, draw one of your own and send it to us.  We may put it in the gallery or make it into an ecard with your name on it!

Light a Candle – Did you know that you can light a candle in cyberspace and even send it to a friend?

E-cards – Is someone’s birthday coming up?  Want to say “hi” to someone in a beautiful or funny way?  Send a gratefulness ecard!

Angels of the Hours – “Back in the day,” people used to take little breaks at dawn, noon, dusk, bedtime, and other points in the day to give thanks.  You can, too!

QBox - Ask us a question about gratefulness!  We will do our best to answer.


Zebra Mouse, a print by Helen SieglVideos and things to learn around
the Web:

Blue Feather, a print by Helen SieglGratefulness Books for Kids

ANGeL's goal is to offer you through this website an immediate and intimate experience of living gratefully. In selecting topic resources, as elsewhere, we favor quality over quantity. This page is not meant to be a directory of related websites and organizations. Rather, we have selected a few specific links and readings that we believe are most helpful in getting you in touch with your experience. Of course, the Internet is vast and our knowledge is limited; so if you know of a link or a book that is more helpful than what's listed, be sure to let us know.