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The Quagga and I  - Martha Kate Miller's heartbreakingly beautiful script offers strength for a passage most of us eventually make.

Gratefulness for Aging - Join this forum and read what others are saying about the positive aspects of getting older - maybe you have new insights to add.

Jitterbug - Joyce Holmes McAllister’s poem shows that although we may think of them as impediments, life's contradictions are often exactly what save us, allowing us to fly beyond limitations.  She both defies the body's slowing process and affirms the prowess of age. 

Finding Balance as a Caretaker, by Patricia Carlson -
How can you be grateful when those whom you love are suffering? 

Desire Change (Sonnets to Orpheus Part II, #12, stanza 1)
by Rainer Maria Rilke, transl. by Br. David Steindl-Rast
Whenever you want to complain, remind yourself, “I’m at a turning point.  What is it turning to now?”  And be enthusiastic for it. (Br. David)
See also: "Letting change guide you" (video) and
Die Sonette an Orpheus
(all of part II, #12, in German).

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