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Gratefulness Support Groups - Join with others for study, discussion, and meditation about the power of gratefulness to change our personal lives and create a saner future for our planet.

Gate 4-A - In this account Naomi Shihab Nye, what begins with frantic tears and a language barrier becomes an opportunity for community celebration.

Hymn to the Mother of Hope - by Patricia Carlson
Our belonging goes deep into the heart of the Mother's presence.

Generosity and Gratitude 
by Stephen Sims, from
River of Awareness: Seeking the Wisdom of Love

A story of an inner journey - sparked by an accident on a river trip - that uncovers the depths of awareness, compassion, and  true belonging.
Part 1: A Wounded Riverman
Part 2: Be in Love
Part 3: Law of Generosity
Part 4: The Degenerative Ego
Part 5: The Wounded Healer

The Sacred Space of the Shared Heart - William Douglas Horden writes about how preserving our Global Village depends on our interdependence and honoring all lives as equal.

Under the Walnut Tree – Lynn Martin’s poem shows how even in heart-stricken aloneness, a “deep listening” unites us.

Haiku – Taigi’s haiku captures the essence of a moment alone.

Gratitude – an essay by Zoketsu Norman Fischer. We are sitting within Buddha’s heart, releasing ourselves to that aspect of ourselves that deeply belongs to the universe.

Enneagram - Do you wish you had a map to self-understanding and stronger, more caring relationships? If so, you will find here fertile ground for deeper awareness.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – Brother David Steindl-Rast writes about the gentle power of gratefulness in a crisis.

Spirituality as Common Sense - by Brother David Steindl-Rast. "To live a spiritual life means to act as one acts in one’s own house where one belongs together."

Religion of the Heart - by Brother David. "In our innermost heart we can tap a source of power strong enough to counteract the forces that threaten this good green earth."

Contemplative Community - by Brother David. Community is always poised between two poles: solitude and togetherness. 

Healing from Hurting Someone – by Patricia Carlson. What cause do we have for gratitude when we cut off a relationship?

Leaving Prison Before You Get Out– by Jacques Verduin.  The GRIP (Guiding Rage into Power) Program examines the origins of destructive behavioral patterns that lead to transgressions and commits participants to a process of deep self-inquiry and healing.

Yes, With Thanks - If we say "thank you" and really mean it, writes Brother David, we have said YES to our belonging together.

Initiating - Barry Heermann describes a rite of passage in which we are fundamentally changed, introduced to a trusting view of the universe.

Great Longing – Zoketsu Norman Fischer answers a question about the longing which human love cannot satisfy.

Gratefulness and Celibacy – by Brother David Steindl-Rast. What makes a choice of celibacy truly life-affirming?

Grateful Self-Acceptance – By Patricia Carlson. You recognize acceptance outside yourself because it lives in you, too.

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