stone stepsGratefulness Step-by-Step

Here we offer -- for your personal reflection
and for group study -- articles to help you
sequentially understand gratefulness and apply it to
your own life, your relationships, and our global family.

Are You Thankful or Grateful?
What is the secret of gratefulness?

Awake, Aware, and Alert
What happens at the start, in the middle, and at the end when we experience gratefulness?

Gratefulness and the Power of Radical Sufficiency
In infinite ways, grateful living offers an unparalleled pathway to the experience of “enough.”

Tips for Offline Practice
How can we incorporate gratefulness into each and every day?

Grateful in Difficult Times
There are many times when life does not seem to warrant gratitude. What do we do then?

Practicing Gratitude
What does it take to get into the habit of gratefulness during good times, so that it becomes available to us in all times? 

30 Daily Grateful Living Practices
Sometimes we need some concrete suggestions for practice - here is a list to start with

Narrow is the Way
How does gratefulness help us overcome the personal and interpersonal suffering that accompanies the gift of life?

A Deep Bow
How can gratefulness – as a passage from suspicion to trust, from proud isolation to a humble give and take – help us overcome differences with others?

A New Reason For Gratitude
How can gratefulness give us strength even in a fear-ridden and violent world?

How Big is Your Family?
How can gratefulness help us forge “family affection” amongst all who belong to God’s great household on Earth?

globe with points of light Sacramental Life
How does gratefulness help us recover the powerful vision of a world aflame with divine fire?

Yes, With Thanks
What is the spiritual work of our time, and how are we to go about accomplishing it?

How Universal Is Gratefulness?  A diverse array of quotes illustrate how gratefulness permeates all cultures.

The Practice of Grateful Living as a Global Ethic
Explore the power of gratefulness to help us move peacefully into a new era in which we share the world's resources fairly and conserve the environment for future generations.

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