by Vic Hummert

Each moment without
Seizures fills my heart with great
Gratitude for life

When we close our eyes
In deepest silence we will
Feel the Light within

What our future holds
Worry not so long as we
View life as sacred

Those who found meaning*
Are blessed with greater wealth than
People with millions

*Please read the classic by Victor Frankl - Man's (woman's) Search For Meaning, a description of the will to survive in Nazi concentration camps.

Each day is pure gift
Making grateful returns to
Our loving Savior

When we have no time
For deep prayer in the morning
Make your whole day prayer

Each sunset asks me
Did I love with compassion*
During waking hours?

*”This is what is expected of you: To act justly, love with compassion and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

At any moment
We have total access to
Our God who holds us

In our last quarter*
We may pour out gratitude
For all that has been**

*”Seventy is the sum of our years.”  (Psalm 90)
**”For all that has been – thanks; for all that shall be – Yes.” (Dag Hammerskjold)

Vic Hummert has written over 10,000 haiku poems, many of them about environmental issues, about which he is most passionate.  You can read many of them on his website.