5. The Observer
ego-stinginess, the passion is avarice
by Torre Waag

EnneagramIf you play the part of the Observer you will seek knowledge, particularly mystical, philosophical and scientific knowledge. Correspondingly, you will tend to be private and shy. You may avoid group interactions, parties and small talk, much preferring a solitary walk in nature or an evening with a good book. Disliking exposure you may clam up around others, monitor your speech, and take an observer stance. Why is it that social interaction drains your energy? Why is it that others always seem to want something from you? Sometimes you will feel invisible, or want to be invisible like a fly on the wall. When you do speak, your words will be precise and exact. Others will pay attention. You will never be caught gushing with emotion like those drawn to drama; your feelings are delicate, private, and too precious to be scattered about. In your career, you may become an ivory tower professor, a scientist, an architect or perhaps the astrologer's astrologer. Knowledge and books are your store. Some of you will excel as visionaries, creators of new ideas, and strategists for great endeavors. A few will shrink to a life of antisocial isolation in a small room, schizoid and alone. Some examples of your archetype include Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison, Howard Hughes, St Thomas Aquinas, Kafka, Merlin, and Buddha. Every once in a while when you will let go of your search for knowledge you may experience Divine Omniscience, realizing that there is nothing more to know.

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