4. Tragic-Romantic
ego-melancholy, the passion is envy
by Torre Waag

EnneagramIf you find yourself in the role of the Tragic-Romantic, you will experience life deeply through your refined emotional sensitivity and through your creative expression in music, art, poetry and love. For you, an authentic life is the only one worth living. Others in turn may seem emotionally superficial and quaintly oblivious to tragedy and loss. They may appear naively happy in the face of human strife. You desire intimacy with lovers and friends, yet sometimes you push them away when they get too close and their ordinariness shows. Why is it you are always attracted to those you can't have? Why is it that the distant seems more authentic and real? Why is it that others seem to be happy and have what you want? These questions mull through your mind. You yearn for what's missing in life. You may feel suffering, loss and shame but they are often tempered by your negative vanity. No one is as special or feels as deeply as you. You are elite. Your yearning and questioning may draw you down to a black hole of depression and bitchy despair, or they may fuel your artistic expression, your love of ceremony, and your self-created life. On the low side you are the drama queen, explosive, sarcastic and hurt. Think of the French Lieutenant's Woman waiting by the sea for her man who will never return. On the high side you are an authentic, creative translator of the human condition through your empathy, poetry and art. Some Tragic-Romantics include Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, and the romantic poets: Shelly and Keats. Also, Anais Nin, Joni Mitchell, James Dean, Janice Joplin and Japan. Then, occasionally, when the inner questioning stills, and you may begin to feel the Divine Origin that is the authentic source in all people and things.

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