The 100th Blessing

Our thanks to the authors of these submissions for our blessings contest! You can also view the winning submissions.

Photos to treasureSource of all Blessings you bless us with photographs, albums, letters and diaries, indelible records of our shared life.  May these memories of Family and friends never fade or be destroyed.  May I and others to come keep and preserve these treasured moments of time past.
~ Helen and John Heineman        

Source of all Blessings, you bless us with the Blessing of Seeing. You enable us to see with our eyes, our heart, our mind, our spirit. By what and how we see, we explode into an awareness of all that is given to us. We awaken to limitless potential of living. May we live our lives with the wholehearted responsiveness, courageous daring, and gentle compassion that your gifts invite from us.
 ~ Frank Cauldwell

Source of all blessings, you bless us with the blessing of making compost. Taking the unwanted, unused, and unlovely from our fruits and vegetables, flowers, and gardens with sweat and stink we create a mess and leave it to the microbes and earthworms for a while. And lo, like God, we have created new earth - dark, rich, fertile, and richly aromatic. It never fails to inspire me and teach me. 
~ Verona Murray

Source of all blessing, You bless us with the blessing of the kithe, a soul to soul connection that needs no words. A kithe is holy ground, where one crosses the threshold into the sacred space where the other may be suffering, frightened, alone or in pain.  It is the place where three become one-- in a hospital room, on a train platform, or any other random place where one heart graciously welcomes the other in for a moment in time.  It can also happen in a glance that lingers briefly, and desires nothing other than allowing the other to be.  One walks away from the kithe with a heart transformed and filled to overflowing with gratitude for the gift.
~ Cindy Kuhn      

Source of all blessing, you bless us with the blessing of adversity for it is in having hard times that we learn that good things can and do come from bad things.  May we  keep our hearts open to see the good in the dark times that we may  understand the pain of others, and spread the light of kindness to those whose hearts are heavy. 
~ Wendy Sanborn

Sunset lightSource of all blessings, you bless us with the blessing of the Eternal Light. The light that comes to us to find even the deepest and most hidden spark of light in our soul, to reignite the flame of Love.
~ Br. Graham-Michoel Wills,
bSH, Obl.OSB.Cam.  

Source of all blessings, you bless us with possibilities.  With each door that at first seems closed, each event that first dims us, there is ever possibility.  It waits patiently 'till we can open to its hope, its surprise; 'till we can grow into it.  May we open gratefully and completely, and with an ever expanding love, may our awareness flow to others, that they too open to the blessing of possibilities.
~ Anne Dunlea Hawkins                                                     

Source of all blessings you bless us with the 100th blessing which is the blessing of the Response.  May we be blessed by your answer to every blessing we proclaim.  Each of the blessings pronounced by Christ in the sermon on the mount has a response.  Here we have 99 blessings which we have declared.  If we bless and thank you for any aspect of this world or any creature in this world that you have created for us your answer will be an even greater blessing for us. This is the wonder of God's uncountable number of blessings of which here we contemplate an infinitely few.
~ Fredrica Quail                   

You Bless us with the Blessing of individuality, many people, many colors, many names and many stories, yet we all share the need for what you provide, air, water, blood, sustenance, praise. When we all remember these simple yet majestic things may it help us to also remember that we are still all one world one family, one being.
~ Sheila Forrest

My blessing is the joy I see when people who are no longer mentally coherent hear a familiar hymn at Hymn Sing and begin singing.  I porter at a nursing home and every Tuesday night they have a Hymn Sing.  When a person whom the nurse has told is not coherent starts to sing a familiar hymn, my happiness overflows.  To see them suddenly begin singing and praising God, is truly a blessing.
~ Patricia Timson               

Source of all blessings, you bless us with the blessing of continuing community. When we lose someone dear to us, we are not alone, though we are grieving. Our loved ones, the communion of all God's children - near and far - are present in our hearts and in our lives to strengthen us, to encourage us, to weep with us, and to heal with us.
~ Mary Latela      

Source of all blessings, you bless us with the blessing of … the spirit within us that makes us aware that just to be aware of your blessings is blessing enough.
~ Gina E. McGuire

Our thanks to everyone who submitted entries for this contest, which ran February 6 through March 20, 2013.  Our cups overflowed with your healing insights.

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