Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.
David Steindl-Rast
A Listening Heart

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This month's Grateful News is a lot about peacemaking...

NEW! A DVD of Br. David and Jack Kornfield - an inspiring conversation on video.

"To say 'yes' to this limitless mutual belonging is love," says Br. David in Encounter with God Through the Senses.

Listen to a radio interview with our own Kristi Nelson about living a "full-blown" life, a grateful life.

Tiniest moves forward are like miracles in this poem by Dale Biron.

Brighten someone's life with a Summer e-card!

In this final part of "Grateful Heart, Joyful Heart", we thank Life for its blessings and its lessons.

Honor your favorite graduate with an ecard.

In loving memory of our dear friend, Angeles Arrien, please join us in lighting a candle for her on July 24.

From intergenerational richness to environmental advances, June's Grateful News is bound to make you smile!

This month's Grateful News gives us new ideas to help and heal our world community.

Br. David "invokes responsiveness, rather than just our response," Clare Hallward writes in Part 4 of "Br. David, a Portrait".

Join us in welcoming our new Executive Director, Kristi Nelson!

What happens One Morning when we do away with entitlement, blame and anger?

Let us be grateful for the wondrous givens in life!

Rabbi Abraham Heschel eloquently expresses how witnessing wonder can change the way we treat the Earth and each other.

Explore our Caring for Earth topic and scroll down to find this Portrait of Wendell Berry, poet/farmer/eco-activist.  

In Br. David, a Portrait, Part 3, Br. David explores Buddhist-Christian dialogue in the 1960s.

In gratitude for our unfathomably magnificent planet, send an Earth Day e-card.

There may be reason for optimism for mankind in this month's Grateful News.

"Here we lie entranced by the starlit water" writes poet Kenneth Rexroth in Another Spring.

What is the source of happiness? Br. David answers in this Huffington Post interview.

Send an Easter or Passover ecard, or choose from our collection for all occasions.

Br. David and the Vienna Boys' Choir celebrate music & gratefulness in May! See also in Deutsch.

Share the joy of the Equinox and the change in seasons with an e-card!

Support a lifetime of appreciative presence with these 6 Habits of Highly Grateful People.

Considering all the pain and suffering in the world, can we find joy in our lives?

In honor of the great gift of water, we offer this traditional Irish rain blessing.

How can gratefulness lessen our anxiety about money? ANG*L Board member Dr. Brenda Wade tells us how (scroll down to Links).

With grateful love, we light a candle for Karin Murad Merwanji, our long-time volunteer, who died last week.

March Grateful News celebrates those who rise above adversity.

Br. David, Sharon Salzberg, and Kristen Neff speak at Wisdom 2.0 about creating a compassionate society.

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Jul 22, Birthday of Stephen Vincent Benét (1898 - 1943) — U.S. writer; awarded Pulitzer Prizes for his narrative poems "John Brown's Body" (1929) and "Western Star" (1944). Benét observed, "Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways." »

Jul 24, Birthday of Amelia Earhart (1897 - 1937) — American aviator; first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Thrilled to be “alone with the stars” during night flights, she said, “the lure of flying is the lure of beauty.” »

Jul 24, Birthday of Ernest Bloch (1880 - 1959) — Swiss-born American composer whose sublime harmonies in "Schelomo: A Hebrew Rhapsody" for cello and orchestra and his string quartets call us to reverence through their beauty. »

Jul 26, Birthday of George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950) — Irish-born British playwright, winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature, known for his social idealism. Shaw noted that “There are two tragedies in life: one is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it.” »

Jul 26, Birthday of Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961) — Swiss psychiatrist, whose life work and writings introduce us to individuation, psychological types, archetypes, and synchronicity. »

Jul 26, Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act — Through this act, passed in Cape Town, South Africa in 1995, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created to deal with human rights violations that occurred during apartheid. »

Jun 28 - Jul 27, Fast of Ramadan — Observed during the ninth month of the Moslem calendar. Followers of the religion of Islam believe that during Ramadan the Holy Quran (Koran) "was sent down from heaven” to bring us guidance, direction, and salvation. »

Jul 28, Birthday of Beatrix Potter (1866 - 1943) — Beloved British children’s author/illustrator with a natural affection for animals. May we have the courage to “look all around,” as Peter Rabbit did, even if we might have some narrow escapes along the way. »

Jul 28, Birthday of Riccardo Muti (b. 1941) — Italian conductor of opera and symphony. His versatility and musical gifts led to his appointment as Musical Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, of Florence’s Maggio Musicale, and of Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. »

Jul 28, Birthday of Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844 – 1889) — Jesuit priest and British poet whose love of nature and desire to rejuvenate the English language comes through in poems like “Pied Beauty,” “God’s Grandeur,” and “The Windhover.” »

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Since finding this site I like to call often. My heart is gladdened by knowing so many others are here too in Faith, in Longing and Heartfelt Gratitude.

— Fiona, Northern Ireland

So grateful for your messages of love, inspiration and motivation to live in the resonance of gratitude. Your work is so important in a suffering world.

— Donna, Canada

Blessings and thanks to all the team at Gratefulness for your wonderful work and the inspirational resources you make freely available for all.

— Phil Ewing, Cornwall UK

So grateful for your website, which encourages, inspires, supports and gifts me, constantly. I am grateful I had courage and strength to bring my family on my own, in a foreign country.

— Angela Minton, Masterton. Wairarapa. New Zealand

Thank you very much for this Website, it is so lovely to be able to just light a candle, it is simply so beautiful.

— Lesley, UK

I have returned to the forum after several years.....felt a calling to come back......its soooooooo soothing and like coming back to the bosom of your mom....... I even lit a candle which was such a therapy...!!!!!!!!! OM !!!

— Nita, India

Thank You for this website.

— Clive Carter, South Africa

toda la informaciòn sobre gratefulness llega a mì en tiempos en los que he perdido el rumbo y la fe. agradezco haberlos encontrado (all the information about gratefulness comes to me at a time when I lost direction and faith. I am grateful to have found you)!!!

— Silvia t, Argentina