Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
Each of our relationships has a trajectory that death doesn't destroy. We see its arc in the inner changes we undergo when we remember deceased loved ones, and even in outward changes as we continue to mold our lives in response to theirs.
Patricia Campbell Carlson

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Do you have the courage to Trust in Life when things go wrong? Eve Landis gives us this German translation.

Do you REALLY need that new kitchen? Or would appreciating what you have be more than enough?

Some Grateful News in August concerning a robot, some Legos and a climate rescue plan!

Br. David settled in for an extensive interview in Argentina. Many deep questions and answers.

A great way to gain new perspectives is to watch films full of Zest, Vitality and Humor!

The death of a loved one triggers a difficult question. Jeff Collins' spiritual practice helps him respond.

Deepen your appreciation of relationships through these special films.

NEW! A DVD of Br. David and Jack Kornfield - an inspiring conversation on video.

"To say 'yes' to this limitless mutual belonging is love," says Br. David in Encounter with God Through the Senses.

Listen to a radio interview with our own Kristi Nelson about living a "full-blown" life, a grateful life.

Tiniest moves forward are like miracles in this poem by Dale Biron.

Brighten someone's life with a Summer e-card!

In this final part of "Grateful Heart, Joyful Heart", we thank Life for its blessings and its lessons.

Honor your favorite graduate with an ecard.

In loving memory of our dear friend, Angeles Arrien, please join us in lighting a candle for her on July 24.

From intergenerational richness to environmental advances, June's Grateful News is bound to make you smile!

This month's Grateful News gives us new ideas to help and heal our world community.

Br. David "invokes responsiveness, rather than just our response," Clare Hallward writes in Part 4 of "Br. David, a Portrait".

Join us in welcoming our new Executive Director, Kristi Nelson!

What happens One Morning when we do away with entitlement, blame and anger?

Let us be grateful for the wondrous givens in life!

Rabbi Abraham Heschel eloquently expresses how witnessing wonder can change the way we treat the Earth and each other.

Explore our Caring for Earth topic and scroll down to find this Portrait of Wendell Berry, poet/farmer/eco-activist.  

In Br. David, a Portrait, Part 3, Br. David explores Buddhist-Christian dialogue in the 1960s.

In gratitude for our unfathomably magnificent planet, send an Earth Day e-card.

There may be reason for optimism for mankind in this month's Grateful News.

"Here we lie entranced by the starlit water" writes poet Kenneth Rexroth in Another Spring.

What is the source of happiness? Br. David answers in this Huffington Post interview.

Send an Easter or Passover ecard, or choose from our collection for all occasions.

Br. David and the Vienna Boys' Choir celebrate music & gratefulness in May! See also in Deutsch.

Share the joy of the Equinox and the change in seasons with an e-card!

Support a lifetime of appreciative presence with these 6 Habits of Highly Grateful People.

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Aug 31, Birthday of Itzhak Perlman (b. 1945) — Israeli-born violinist virtuoso, who gave his first solo violin recital at age ten. Perlman communicates joy, and his audiences receive the gift of his artistry as well as his personal warmth. »

Aug 31, Birthday of Maria Montessori, M.D. (1870 - 1952) — Psychiatrist and first woman medical doctor in Italy (1894); pioneer in education whose first school opened in 1947. Today schools bear her name in more than 50 countries. She told teachers in training, "You yourselves must be filled with wonder." »

Sep 1, Labor Day — Yearly tribute in honor of working men and women (U.S. and Canada), created by the Labor Movement and reluctantly signed into law in 1884 by President Grover Cleveland. »

Sep 2, Birthday of Christa Corrigan McAuliffe (1948-1986) — NASA Teacher in Space, who died when the Challenger exploded after launch. Admired for her spirit of adventure, she had become widely known before the day of the launch. »

Sep 2, Birthday of Frank C. Laubach (1884 - 1970) — Missionary and pioneer literacy educator whose "Each One Teach One" method for teaching reading benefits people in more than 100 countries and more than 300 languages. Dr. Laubach tells us, "Hunt out the deepest need you can find." »

Sep 4, Anniversary of Peter Rabbit — The story of Peter Rabbit was first told by author Beatrix Potter on this date in 1893 in a letter she wrote to an ill five-year-old friend. Reprinted more than 250 times, this classic children's story brings continuing delight to readers. »

Sep 6, Anniversary of Liberation Theology — On this day in 1968, Liberation Theology was endorsed by Latin American Catholic bishops. Every theology ought to be liberating on all levels to deserve its name. »

Sep 6, Birthday of Jane Addams (1860 - 1935) — US social worker; 1931 Nobel Peace Prize recipient; Women's Suffrage Movement leader; founder of Hull House, a care and education center serving the poor in Chicago. She notes, "Reform and peace are inseparable parts of a single hope for the human race. »

Sep 7, National Grandparents Day — Honoring the wisdom and heritage of elders, this holiday originated with housewife Marian McQuade of Fayette County, West Virginia. President Jimmy Carter in 1978 proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day for its celebration. »

Sep 8, Nativity of Blessed Mary (W. Christian Churches) — The image of mother and child evokes a deep resonance in every human heart. »

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I am grateful for this site that reminds me to be constantly and intimately grateful.

— Bev, Illinois

I am so thankful for this site. Everyone from any religion can come to pray for love ones that need any type of healing. Thank you.

— Donna Harris, Roebling

Thank you for this site. It uplifts me and reminds me what is real in life - love.

— Emily, Victoria BC Canada

Many thanks for all the positivity that I receive from visiting your website. I am grateful for all the time and effort you put in keeping this site updated.

— Kelly, Leicester, UK

Merci pour ce moment de sérénité (Thank you for this moment of serenity).

— Véronique, France

Thank you for creating this website and for bringing gratitude into all of our lives! It is truly a blessing! Thank you for the candles and beautiful inspiring videos!

— Angelina Cruz, California

Thank you for the gift of sharing the journey.

— Janie B, Baltimore

Today I woke up immersed in the hurts I have suffered in some of my relationships over the past several days. I turned to my morning page and started reading about being grateful even for negative experiences. I think there are no coincidences....It helped me release the anger and hurt that was making me sick. I can be more compassionate about what people did and why, and that perhaps there is a silver lining to it all. Thank you once again for being there, staf

— Linda, USA