Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
Even if I should be locked up in a narrow cell and a cloud should drift past my small barred window, then I shall bring you that cloud, Oh God, while there is still the strength in me to do so.
Etty Hillesum
An Interrupted Life

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In gratitude for our unfathomably magnificent planet, send an Earth Day e-card.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel eloquently expresses how witnessing wonder can change the way we treat the Earth and each other.

Explore our Caring for Earth topic and scroll down to find this Portrait of Wendell Berry, poet/farmer/eco-activist.  

Easter poem: "Since when were senses anything more than extravagant hints to pierce the heart?"

Send an Easter or Passover ecard, or choose from our collection for all occasions.

In Br. David, a Portrait, Part 3, Br. David explores Buddhist-Christian dialogue in the 1960s.

Let us be grateful for the wondrous givens in life!

There may be reason for optimism for mankind in this month's Grateful News.

"Here we lie entranced by the starlit water" writes poet Kenneth Rexroth in Another Spring.

What is the source of happiness? Br. David answers in this Huffington Post interview.

We're assured of rooms on the Isle of Iona only until April 10! Sign up now to go on pilgrimage this June with friends of Br. David.

Br. David and the Vienna Boys' Choir celebrate music & gratefuness in May! See also in Deutsch.

Share the joy of the Equinox and the change in seasons with an e-card!

Support a lifetime of appreciative presence with these 6 Habits of Highly Grateful People.

Considering all the pain and suffering in the world, can we find joy in our lives?

In honor of the great gift of water, we offer this traditional Irish rain blessing.

How can gratefulness lessen our anxiety about money? ANG*L Board member Dr. Brenda Wade tells us how (scroll down to Links).

With grateful love, we light a candle for Karin Murad Merwanji, our long-time volunteer, who died last week.

March Grateful News celebrates those who rise above adversity.

Br. David, Sharon Salzberg, and Kristen Neff speak at Wisdom 2.0 about creating a compassionate society.

May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. And may you ever find just the right St. Patrick's Day ecards

In Br. David, a Portrait, Part 2, Br. David's life changes when he finds "the right" monastery in Elmira, NY.

Can gratefulness be the antidote to loneliness? Steven Crandell of the Huffington Post thinks so.

A limited number of spaces in summer workshops with Br. David & Francis Lu, and Br. David & Ryushin Paul Haller.

Br. David speaks about Gratitude in the Digital Age at Wisdom 2.0.

"Singing a song of gratitude would fill me with joy," says James Baraz.

Is the Grand Canyon old or young? What can we expect in the Year of the Horse? Find out in February's Grateful News.

Poetry can instantly evoke love and wonder in us. Our Poetry of Gratefulness on-demand e-course shows you how.

Puzzled by how best to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? We have many free e-card options. Or visit our online store.

Br. David's poem Ever Deeper Roots in Love is now offered in Chinese, too.

In Introductions, Poet Susan Glassmeyer suggests asking a different kind of getting-to-know-you question.

Br. David, a Portrait, Part 1: Growing up in Austria - We see the seeds of a life-long practice of grateful living.

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Apr 23, Administrative Professionals Day — This is the day to wake up and be grateful to those on the front lines of the administrative workforce whom we tend to take for granted. »

Apr 23, Birthday of Sergei Prokofiev (1891 - 1953) — Russian composer and pianist, who wrote his first opera at age 9. Prokofiev completed the symphonic fairytale "Peter and the Wolf" -- "to cultivate musical tastes in children from the first years of school” -- in only four days. »

Apr 23, Birthday of William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) — English-born playwright, poet, actor, and dramatist, for whom there are worldwide festivals and societies. Many familiar expressions - such as "All that glitters is not gold" and "Parting is such sweet sorrow" - come from his writings. »

Apr 25, ANZAC Day — We hold in our hearts those brave Australians and New Zealanders who lost their lives in the unnecessary slaughter of Gallipoli in 1915 during WWI. We show ourselves grateful for their sacrifice by working for a world at peace.

Apr 26, Birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted (1822 - 1903) — American-born landscape architect best known for his design of New York's Central Park. Olmsted's gifts in park landscape include key locations in the United States and Canada. »

Apr 26, Annual Sense of Smell Day — A freshly peeled orange, sun-warmed pines, a crisp new-fallen snow: for what fragrances are you most grateful? Through experiments and hands-on experience, children's centers and museums will observe this annual opportunity to appreciate smell. »

Apr 27, Birthday of Coretta Scott King (1929 - 2006) — American visionary devoted to racial equality, women’s and children’s rights, nuclear disarmament, gay and lesbian dignity, economic justice, and sound ecology. The widow of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., she exemplifies collaborative thinking and action.

Apr 27, Birthday of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759 - 1797) — British advocate for the rights of women and the overcoming of ignorance leading to their subjugation. Her feminist classic, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects, was published in 1792. »

Apr 27, John James Audubon (1785 - 1851) — Ornithologist Audubon, born in Haiti, is renowned for his 7-volume Birds of America, with its 435 life-size prints, images and text by the author. »

Apr 28, Holocaust Remembrance Day — We commemorate on this day millions who died in Nazi concentration camps and under other totalitarian regimes all over the world. »

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I look forward to visiting your site often to Stop, Look and Go. Thank you.

— Crista McKendree, KY, USA

Love this site. My little guy, Brendal, was getting so very sick and we knew it was just a matter of time and this site gave me strength and support. Thank you .

— Angela Paxston, NY, USA

Agradeco a graca recebida. (I appreciate the grace received).

— SWH, Brazil

This has been my home page for several years now. Even when I don't stop to read an article, just seeing the page reminds me to slow down, take a breath and be grateful for my life.

— Linda, OR, USA

Вы молодцы! (You are great!)

— Elena, Russia

Questo è un meraviglioso posto per ricordare la tante persone care che ci hanno lasciato. Che riposino in pace. (This is a wonderful place to remember the many loved ones who have left us. May they rest in peace).

— Francesca Rita e M. Concetta, Italy

Simply wonderful!

— Gonçalo, Portugal

Un beau moment de silence et de paix...dans un monde d agitation bruyante en permanence...temps precieux de partage et d accueil. Merci. (A beautiful moment of silence and a world of constantly stirring noisy...precious time of sharing and hospitality. Thank you).

— A.V.P., Mauritius