Gratefulnews logo In A Girl of the Limberlost, Gene Stratton-Porter writes, “The world is full of happy people, but no one ever hears of them. You have to fight and make a scandal to get into the papers.” Here is your opportunity to hear the good news: Every day people like you build a grateful world through acts of creativity and compassion.

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Robot in red boots standing by the side of the roadA Canadian built robot is going to hitchike across the country

What happens when the robot, with no human supervision, is simply thrust into the world and tries to survive? Will it be instantly scavenged for parts? Will they drop it, mangle it or mistreat it? » Full Story

Here is a second article that shows how the HtichBOT did on its cross-Canada trek.
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Steam output from recycle system against a blue skyA Price Tag on Carbon as a Climate Rescue Plan

Bryan T. Pagel, a dairy farmer, watched as a glistening slurry of cow manure disappeared down a culvert. If recycling the waste on his family’s farm would help to save the world, he was happy to go along. The recycling would not have been built without a surprising source of funds: a California initiative that is investing in carefully chosen projects to reduce emissions as part of the battle against climate change. » Full Story

female lego characters in science labLego Releases Female Scientists Set, May Appease 7-Year-Old Critic

Lego has released the Research Institute, a play set created by a real-life geophysicist, Ellen Kooijman. "I love Legos," 7-year-old Charlotte wrote. But there aren't enough girls — and the ones the company has made just "sit at home, go to the beach, and shop," while the boy characters "saved people, had jobs, even swam with sharks!"
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older women working at Home DepotHow the Affordable Care Act might transform the labor market

Research from Wisconsin and Tennessee shows that the law is not forcing anyone to stop working. And by leaving the labor force, those Americans open their jobs to others who are hungry for the work. It could boost part-time work, early retirement and entrepreneurship. » Full Story

People at the U.N. building at workUN Millennium Development goals: World cuts extreme poverty in half

For those who see little reason for optimism about global poverty and social trends, here’s something to cheer about: The world has made impressive progress towards meeting a set of development goals set by world leaders in 2000. One stand-out example: The goal of cutting global extreme poverty in half by 2015 has already been met.
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young teens talking together at a tableHow to build peace, one teenager at a time

Seeds of Peace is an international organization that brings together young leaders from conflict regions to inspire and equip them with the relationships, understanding, and skills to advance peace, who see that diplomatic processes must be paired with transformational interactions between people. » Full Story

Black man holding a baton, talking to another man and a womanBy Talking, Inmates and Victims Make Things ‘More Right’

Restorative justice, a process with roots in Native American and other indigenous cultures that resurfaced in the United States and abroad in the 1970s, has begun to make headway again. Advocates say it is key to rehabilitation and reduced recidivism. » Full Story

Older Coach Ehrmann with 3 young athletesThe 3 Scariest Words A Boy Can Hear

Those scary words, “be a man” have meant “athletic ability, sexual conquest, economic success” for years. But Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL defensive lineman and now a pastor and coach, re-defines “being a man” with these two qualities: a capacity to love and to be loved, and a commitment to a cause that makes this world a better place. And his style of coaching reflects that. » Listen to and Read the Full Story

Soldier standing by a tank that has flowers on itTunisia’s model for bridging political and social divides

The country’s achievements are demonstrating that, as in the case of South Africa 20 years earlier, leaders of transition countries must – sooner or later – make inclusiveness the organizing principle on which to ground political, economic, and social policies if they hope to consolidate peace and advance democracy. » Full Story


dark-haired boy waving to online elder man on a video phone conversationHow The World Cup Made These Chicago Seniors And Brazilian Students Internet Buddies

Despite the more than 5,000 miles and several generations separating them, 15 Windsor Park seniors and a school full of Brazilian English language students, mostly teenagers, have already made heartwarming connections. » Full Story and Video

group of people surrounding old man sitting in a chairSir Nicholas Winton: 105th birthday party for man who saved 669 children from the Nazis

There are around 6,000 people around the world today who owe Winton their lives. The guests at his party are the offspring of 669 children - mostly Jewish - rescued by Winton from almost certain death in the months before the second world war broke out in 1939. Today they call themselves "Nicky's children". » Full Story

man using censor in a flowing gardenPlanting for Profit, and Greater Good

Jason Aramburu has created a soil censor/water valve that helps gardens thrive. But his plan for his business goes beyond supporting cultivation of upscale crops like exotic kale and heirloom beets. He also intends to sell sensors to farmers in developing nations at a low cost to help them grow food more efficiently and sustainably. » Full Story

Dad coming girls hair while holding baby in a carrierWhite House Urges Dads To Join Work-Life Balance Conversation

Doyin Richards wants the conversation to start from the position that dads like him — black or otherwise — are not aberrations. "My issue is that I want it to be a discussion about modern fatherhood where it's okay for men to behave the way I'm behaving as far as caring for their kids," he said. "It's not unusual."
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An agent of Brazil's environment police IBAMA walks on piles of logs illegally extracted from the Amazon rainforest in Viseu, Para state in 2013. The Amazon rainforest is being eaten away at by deforestation.How satellite maps can halt Amazon deforestation

Imazon, a nonprofit group, is collaborating with a Brazilian state to use real-time satellite imagery and advanced mapping techniques to protect the rainforest. For the Imazon team, the real value of their program is putting detailed scientific data in the hands of the people who can create positive change. » Full Story


Nigerian women holding up a sign #BringbackourGirls - Do somethingHonoring the Missing Schoolgirls

We inevitably feel helpless when terrible things happen, but these are practical steps we can take against extremism while honoring some of the brave Nigerian girls who are missing.  Nicholas Kristoff suggests some ways we can do this in his Mother’s Day editorial. » Full Story

The Forest of Light spires in MedellinFrom Drugs to Dreams: The Unlikely Turnaround of Medellin

From infamous drugs cartels, record homicide levels and widespread poverty, to economic strength, innovation and enterprise, Colombia’s city of Medellin has undergone a serious transition that’s changing the attitudes of citizens and tourists alike. » Full Story

Person in a black suit meditating photo by Ocean / Corbis  The Quantified Soul

A Glasgow-based entrepreneur introduced Mindfulness Games, his latest experiment in the use of playfulness, surprise and technology to inspire greater awareness of our bodies, our selves and the virtual environments where the body and the self often seem in danger of becoming disassociated. » Full Story

Man speaking in front of paintings on paperFrom Warrior to Artist: How Soldiers Are Tapping Into Unimagined Creativity

Veteran Drew Cameron, explains, “Coming home from war is a difficult thing. … A new language must be developed in order to express the magnitude and variety of the [experience]. Hand papermaking is the language of Combat Paper. By working in communities directly affected by warfare and using the uniforms and artifacts from their experiences, a transformation occurs and our collective language is born.” » Full Story

Kids looking at a laptopKeepod: Can a $7 stick provide billions computer access?

Low cost access to information is a right that millions around the world are denied. Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi have developed a small USB stick that becomes the hard drive for a laptop. Each student gets his/her own Keepod, and it is opening the world of the internet to them. » See video & story



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