Gratefulnews logo In A Girl of the Limberlost, Gene Stratton-Porter writes, “The world is full of happy people, but no one ever hears of them. You have to fight and make a scandal to get into the papers.” Here is your opportunity to hear the good news: Every day people like you build a grateful world through acts of creativity and compassion.

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 Navam Perahera festival DragonsThis Week In Pictures: Faith In Practice Around The World, Feb. 1 to Feb. 7

Humans express their faith in a multitude of ways. These photos capture the incredible diversity within faith practices that happen in our world in the span of just one week. » See photos

Young woman smiling with arm around smiling girlTwo Lives, in Harmony

Under skies as cloudy as her future, Melody Jerez, a young Chilean girl, discovered music, and with it a world of possibility. Years later, she took over a youth orchestra in an even smaller town, where another child, Georgina Ávila, was similarly entranced. » Video & Full Story

Two kids shoveling snow#ShovelItForward: Kindness crossing borders?

For the sick and the elderly, shoveling snow is not just a drag – it can be downright dangerous. A social media campaign is calling on able-bodied people everywhere to grab their shovels and dig out their neighbors’ walks.
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photographer in front of artIn a rough part of Mexico City, shooting with cameras instead of guns

To keep kids off the streets, the city government formed the gritty arts center, Faro in 2000. Photography is one of the most popular classes, due to famed lensman, Jesus Villaseca, who uses his own troubled past to steer teens out of trouble and into careers.
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honey comb with a bee on itSouth Sudan finds sweet success with honey

A harvest of honey from the equatorial forests of South Sudan will help its struggling poor and, through the pollination of bees, improve the nation's crop yields, those involved say. » Full Story

White woman with curly brown hair and glassesAt 90, She’s Designing Tech for Aging Boomers

In Silicon Valley's youth-obsessed culture, 40-year-olds get plastic surgery to fit in. But IDEO, the firm that famously developed the first mouse for Apple, has a 90-year-old designer on staff. » Listen to & Read Full Story

Photo of an oud - precuurssor to the guitar: Juan Edwardo Sara Zaror (flickr)8 Great Modern Innovations We Can Thank Muslims For

When thousands of “patriotic Europeans” took to the streets once again in Dresden to protest “the Islamisation of the West,” their actions were the result not only of resentment and fear, but also of ignorance. Here, the Huffington Post Germany presents eight things we owe to great Muslim civilizations. » Full Story

Goats eating green grassThe goats fighting America's plant invasion

Each country has its own invasive species and rampant plants with a tendency to grow out of control. In most, the techniques for dealing with them are similar - a mixture of powerful chemicals and diggers. But in the US a new weapon has joined the armory in recent years - the goat. » Full Story

Confident young woman with long black hair, a blue dress and a smile - Olympia LePointOlympia LePoint showed courage on her path from poverty to rocket scientist

How do you get from a tough childhood in South Central Los Angeles to mission control? By taking fear out of the equation. » Full Story

Transgendered people marching in a parade with rainbow bannerFirst Transgender Mayor Elected in Central India

A city in central India has elected the country's first transgender mayor, nine months after a court ruled that transgender be recognized as a legal third gender. » Full Story


Several Syrian women speaking with a male rescue worker.In Syrian conflict, women rescuers are saving lives and changing minds

More Syrian women are working as first-responders in rebel-held areas. Trained in emergency medical care and search and rescue operations, they are winning over conservative Syrians by playing a nontraditional role in the conflict. » Full Story

police officer talkingCalifornia police chief connects cops to the community

In Richmond, Calif., a police chief has employed several steps that have greatly reduced violent crime as well as the need for police to use deadly force. » See Video

Backs of bishops' headsGlobal group of Catholic Bishops call for end to fossil fuels

The statement is the first time that senior church figures from every continent have issued such a call. The bishops say they want a "deepening of the discourse to overcome the climate challenge and to set us on new sustainable pathways". » Full Story

Diagram of ocean and waves and shorelineHow ocean current could power half the homes in Florida

Wind and solar power are the poster children of renewable energy, but shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy means tapping many sources of renewable energy. That's why companies are looking to harness the power of the ocean's currents. » Full Story

close-up of a mosquito on skinHalving of malaria deaths 'tremendous achievement

Global efforts have halved the number of people dying from malaria - a tremendous achievement, the World Health Organization says. It says between 2001 and 2013, 4.3 million deaths were averted, 3.9 million of which were children under the age of five in sub-Saharan Africa. » Full Story

Blue transit busBus Becomes Shower for Homeless in San Francisco

A nonprofit group is taking a novel approach to helping the homeless in San Francisco with a new bus that allows them to take a shower. The former public transit bus has been outfitted with two full private bathrooms and offers hot showers, clean toilets, shampoo, soap and towels free of charge. » Full Story

Young black man in front of University buildingFrom a Rwandan Dump to the Halls of Harvard

Nine years old and orphaned by ethnic genocide, Justus Uwayesu was living in a burned-out car in a Rwandan garbage dump. American charity worker, Clare Effiong, visited the dump one Sunday and heard him say,“I want to go to school.” Well, he got his wish. » Full Story

cartoon of back of a boy holding a phone - by Louie ChinTo Siri, With Love

How One Boy With Autism Became BFF With Apple’s Siri. In a world where the commonly held wisdom is that technology isolates us, it’s worth considering another side of the story. » Full Story

Doctor in Protective gearCuba to the rescue: Ebola-stricken countries welcome Castro's doctors

The US is the biggest financial donor to Ebola-infected countries in West Africa. But the largest number of healthcare workers deployed in the field hail from an island nation with a cash-strapped communist government.
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Child working at a desk with another one waiting in line for help.Making child's play out of banking in India

A pioneering Indian bank is teaching the impoverished children of an overcrowded Muslim neighbourhood in Ahmedabad how to save for a crisis. Sarjan Bank bank at Sankalit Nagar in the neglected western neighbourhood of Juhapura is proving highly popular with local pre-teens - who are also helping to run it. » Full Story


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