Gratefulnews logo In A Girl of the Limberlost, Gene Stratton-Porter writes, “The world is full of happy people, but no one ever hears of them. You have to fight and make a scandal to get into the papers.” Here is your opportunity to hear the good news: Every day people like you build a grateful world through acts of creativity and compassion.

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Jane Goodall with grey hair pulled back in a ponytailJane Goodall: How she redefined mankind

Primatologist Jane Goodall, turning 80 this week, tells the inside story on how she transformed our understanding of chimpanzees, what it means to be human, and the controversy and condescension she faced in her influential career. » Full Story

book cover of The Evolution of a Corporate IdealistHow Big Business Can Take the High Road

There has been a surge in the field of corporate social responsibility, known as C.S.R. Christine Bader’s book might not leave one convinced that every multinational has suddenly developed a guiding conscience, but it does offer some encouragement that many are on the way
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Mitra Hemmat in her store that sells cosmeticeWhat's next after Afghanistan's presidential election? Young Afghans speak on the future

Afghans turned out to vote in record numbers yesterday, defying Taliban threats of retribution. While much is uncertain, there's a striking optimism among many young Afghans that better days lie ahead. A group of young Afghans in Kabul spoke about what lies ahead for them, and their country. » Full Story

wind turbines in the clouds JONATHAN POW/PA/AP - photoGreen Energy Drawing Investment Worldwide

Renewables account for more power generation than ever before, as 2013 saw lower costs and higher profitability.  Doubling down on clean energy results in environmental benefits and stirs economic development.
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Young actor in costume behind a wire fenceBehind Barbed Wire, Shakespeare Inspires a Cast of Young Syrians

For the 100 children in the cast, it was their first brush with Shakespeare, although they were already deeply acquainted with tragedy. “The show is to bring back laughter, joy and humanity,” said its director, Nawar Bulbul.
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Young woman in scarf with arms up-raised in victorySudanese TV Show Rewards Entrepreneurs

Sudan’s economy has been suffering since becoming an independent nation. TV contestants for this show come with ideas for business projects like establishing an ostrich farm, or converting trash into accessories and furniture. “Entrepreneurship is not a solution in itself,” said an economist. “But it allows for youth to think of positive ways to seek self-employment.”
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cows in a barn nose to noseBlind cows unite at Farm Sanctuary

Two blind, aging cows were 350 miles apart, distressed and facing a dark future.
What happened next is a love story starring, not cows, but rescuers who worked across international borders for nearly a month to bring the bovines together. » See Video

Two women sitting outside of a libraryTo rise out of poverty Asian women head to the library

For more than 2 million rural villagers across South Asia, libraries provide powerful ways to learn skills, network with other women, and become agents of change.
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African American man exercises in a seated positiion.tOf Crime and Punishment, Redemption and Aerobics

Thomas Mickens teaches aerobics to many enthusiastic people, ranging in age from 60 to 89 years old. While his stated mission is to help older people transform themselves, it is also about his own transformation — and redemption. » Full Story

sillouette of a man with a sun behind him ‘Family Guy’ Guy as Astrobiology Guy - Seth MacFarlane Champions New ‘Cosmos’ Series on Fox

When some of the nation’s brightest minds gathered at the Library of Congress to celebrate Carl Sagan, the pioneering astrobiologist, the first guest speaker was someone with no professional background in science. It was Seth MacFarlane, the multitasking comedian who gave an impassioned speech honoring the original series, which influenced him as a child. “ ‘Cosmos’ addressed questions that every human being has, whether they think about them on a mathematical level or just as a layman,” » Full Story


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