The features offered here are our main presentations, which invite you to experience gratefulness in a variety of ways. You can reach them directly through the menu below. You can also let yourself be led to them through our Practice Sessions, which help you connect to gratefulness under different aspects or Topics.

Angels of the Hours
Even in the midst of our busy, agenda-driven lives, we pause now and then to drink in the day's rhythms: the startling radiance of a sunrise, the power and heat of high noon, the peace of the evening's ending. “Angels of the Hours” allows us to deepen this grateful response to the real rhythms of the day. European cathedral bells, Gregorian chant, and Fra Angelico's magnificent angels accompany us as we embrace an ancient understanding of the word “hour”: not as clock time, but as a measure of soul.
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Few symbols offer more comfort than a candle blazing in the dark. You may have lit wax candles when setting a festive table, marching in a candlelight procession, or celebrating high points of life's passage. Cyber-candles add a new dimension to this ritual. You are joining a worldwide community, and the message you leave with your candle might even provide inspiration to someone you've never met, halfway around the globe. You can also create your own candle group for a shared concern or like Light a Candle on Facebook. This communion of gratitude lights up the world.

Every celebration makes gratefulness reverberate, as a glass lampshade may reverberate, every time you strike a certain key on the piano. How we could enrich our lives by tuning in to the joyful vibrations of different cultures on their days of celebration.

When you are rejoicing, bewildered, or sorrowful, a card from a loved one can triple your joy, clear the air, or remind you that you're not alone. Sometimes elegant, sometimes whimsical, our e-cards give you so many ways to say thank you to family and friends.

Gift People
Dalai LamaRead about lives well spent and explore your own potential. When you enter the presence of someone who lives gratefully - even if you meet them simply through their biography - you begin to discover how you, too, can powerfully turn the world around.

Gratefulness Books
Want to learn more? We've gathered some of the most instructive guides to grateful living in our Books section.

“The world is full of happy people, but no one ever hears of them. You have to fight and make a scandal to get into the papers.” Here is your opportunity to hear the good news: Every day people like you build a grateful world through acts of creativity and compassion.

Imagine if you could take a photo which captures what you perceive with all five senses: not only what you see, but also the sounds, tastes, fragrances, and textures around you. Turn that photo into a three-line poem, and you have the starting point for haiku.

Light Up the WorldLight Up the World
Thousands of groups worldwide take a stand for a sane and fair political, environmental, and economic future of our planet.  They constitute what the New York Times called an emerging superpower for peace. Come and take heart from the light in our world, steady and growing.

LabyrinthLabyrinth Pilgrimage
Trace a route through inspirational quotes accompanied by photos of universal appeal. With thousands of possible variations, this labyrinth abounds with unexpected delights even when you come time and time again.

Child's tree drawingPicture Gallery
Children have a knack for “taking reality by surprise” (Françoise Sagan's definition of art). It's contagious. Come view pictures created by children around the world, for whom gratefulness means the delicious bewonderment offered us at every moment.

Cutting to the truth of our experience, poetry shakes us and awakens us. True poetry opens our eyes to what Robert Frost called “the pleasure of taking pains.” And what is gratefulness, but this playful engagement with life as it unfolds in all its challenges and delights?

spiralQuestions about Gratefulness
A time of questioning is a time of gestation, when new qualities come to life in us. Pause here to read the questions others ask about the practice of grateful living, and perhaps you'll want to leave one of your own.

readingsRead about Gratefulness
Essays, personal stories, and other select readings that challenge and inspire us to live more gratefully.

Word for the Day
“There is really no way to say 'no' to the morning,” as Dan Fogelberg pointed out. Why not meet it - and the whole of your day - inspired by seed-thoughts from wise people like Maya Angelou, Elie Wiesel, Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Helen Keller? Harvested one by one, these quotes soon grow into an inner garden of gratefulness.