Grateful Living Groups
in Your Community

friends talkingIt may come as a surprise to you that ANG*L not only offers this online community, but also we support local gratefulness groups.  Quite naturally, without any suggestion by our webteam, people have been coming together for study, discussion, and meditation about the power of gratefulness to change their personal lives and create a saner future for our planet.  They’ve told us some of their ideas, which we want to share with you so that you, too, can start a group.  Your group can be local or can be linked across distances through email, Facebook, message boards, phone calls, and visits. 

A Network for Grateful Living (ANG*L) began with a question:  Can we build community on the Internet?  Thousands of you, building bridges of friendship here, have answered with a resounding “yes”:

Heartfelt thanks for this luminous place. Loneliness hurts; community is the antidote.
– mss, Cleveland, Ohio
Thank you for providing a site where we can all come together.
– Fran Romer, Vancouver, B.C.    

This is beautiful! Now I have a connection to people I have yet to meet. This gives us a sense that we belong to the world's community.
– Henrietta Balbuena, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

спасибо за Храм, в который хочется приходить (Thanks for this site, which is like a temple, a welcome place to come).
– Алёна, Россия 

Thank you for a way of showing that the only thing that really matters is Love.
– Gilly Fraser Lester, Spain 

This site is the nicest I have ever seen. Each of you is my neighbor, whether next door or across the world.
– Mary, Johnstown, PA   

This is a very simple but remarkable site! It brings people from around the world - religion, language, colour no barrier - to light candles for the same cause; that is to show their love, care and gratefulness!

Thank you for the peace, comfort and sense of sharing and warmth your website brings.
– JPC, NSW Australia 

Learn about gratefulness step-by-step:  Visit this special index of articles to help you and your friends start inwardly and move out to explore how our Earth family belongs together. They're easy to print!

Use these questions to stimulate conversation and bring focus:

1) What are you grateful for? (encourage a list or elaborate on one point)

2) What tools are you using to amplify and inspire your gratitude practice? (such as our Grateful App, a gratitude journal, books, CDs, films, webinars...)

3) If you are dealing with a challenge, how can the group help you bring gratitude to the experience to find opportunity in it?

Put gratefulness into practice through the ideas in this mini-course.

Take an on-demand gratefulness e-course and make it interactive with your group's discussion of the materials.

Share with each other a poem, a practice, or an experience that you want to see through the lens of gratefulness.

Enjoy the hundreds of essays, interviews, poems, and other Readings as springboards for personal and shared reflection.

Follow gratefulness Practices at home and then come together with others to discuss the results. 

Watch Br. David's videos together to learn more about gratefulness from one of ANG*L's co-founders.  Then share with each other any insights or questions that arose while you watched.

Consider what this global ethic of grateful living means for you and your community.

Be simply playful together or playful with a purpose:  for instance, go on a nature walk and bring a plastic grocery bag each to clean up litter you find along the way.

Pray for each other and the world:  in silence, in words, by candles, through art, even through kind thoughts, which are themselves prayers.

Go on a Retreat together for the sake of renewed vision.  At times ANG*L staff has led retreats.  Topics have included Grief and Gratefulness, the Art of Gratefulness, and Restoring Gratitude in a Fast-paced World. To find out more, please contact us.

Take on a service project which allows you to feel the reciprocity of giving and receiving. 

We would love to hear what you’re doing in your own group.  Register for our Gratefulness Groups in Your Community forum, and you can enrich others’ experience with your ideas, feedback, and encouragement.  Thank you for all that you do to help make ANG*L truly a worldwide community!

group in conversation