Create your own light-a-candle entrance page.

1. Enter intro paragraph. People coming from your site will see this text instead of our standard Light-a-Candle introduction. (One paragraph, 1000 characters maximum, no html please).

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4. OPTIONAL: Select your group initial (5 characters max.) Enter an initial and all candles lit from your site will be lit next to each other. Or leave blank and your candles will be lit with everybody's. Note: Group initials are not exclusive; anybody can pick any group initial. To see what initials are currently in use, click on Groups. Make sure to mention your group initial in the intro, so your visitors can (re)start your group in case all candles from your group burn out.

5. Click Preview to preview your candle entrance page. New window will open. After previewing close new window, return here and edit fields above as needed.

6. Copy html from the box below and paste it into your site:

Congratulations! You've just created your own light-a-candle entrance page.

Tip: Webmasters with advanced html skills can use one of these images instead of a text link.