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Br. David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B.
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1992, Big Sur, California. Br. David illuminates how artists and poets capture "that still point," when we feel particularly in touch with the source of the design of life, when everything makes sense, when the whole dance of life seems to be contained in this particular point.
57 min. 53.4 MB, 2 file(s).
1994, Speaking at the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, Br. David helps us understand why every petition of the Our Father ("the Lord's Prayer") is daring, ecumenical, and not a mere formula but rather an attitude towards life.
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1992, New Zealand. Radio Interview.
46 min. 44.0 MB, 2 file(s).
1993, Berkeley, California. Live at Mills College
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1993, Esalen, Big Sur, California. Br. David talks about life's journey - one which leads us to greater aliveness. He talks about the three retreat centers: Esalen, The Hermitage, and Tassajara.
84 min. 79.0 MB, 2 file(s).
1992, Boulder, Colorado. At the 20th Anniversary of the Abba House of Prayer, Br. David speaks about how all prayer is thanksgiving in one form or another -- even petition ("anticipated thanksgiving"). He explores our power to bless and the relevance of the term "new age."
93 min. 87.9 MB, 2 file(s).
1991, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.. Br. David starts with our own need to be spiritually challenged and then shows how Joseph Campbell anchors religiousness in a state of belonging, distinguishes it from religion, and emphasizes the importance of personal religious experience.
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1990, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Br. David describes how people, creatures, and plants who belong together -- as we do on planet Earth -- behave towards one another, and how recognizing this belonging can positively shape our future.
70 min. 65.9 MB, 2 file(s).
1990, Esalen, Big Sur, California. Following an introduction and a group circle exercise to get attuned (3 min.), Br. David explores the meaning of these three terms, the relationship between them, and how they relate to our practical daily living.
87 min. 82.2 MB, 2 file(s).
1990, Spirit Rock, Woodacre, California. Hosted joyfully and caringly by Jack Kornfield, this two-day retreat for reflection offers discussion from various monastic teachers, including Br. David Steindl-Rast, and periods of chant and meditation.
85 min. 80.6 MB, 2 file(s).
1987, Esalen, Big Sur, California. At a Stan and Christina Grof workshop, Br. David shares some of his favorite poems and the way that even their tiniest metaphoric detail can mirror the whole. Christina and Stan offer the 3-minute intro, and Br. David elicits group participation.
89 min. 84.2 MB, 2 file(s).
1986, Esalen, Big Sur, California. Following a brief intro and singing led by Br. David and Fr. Thomas Matus, Br. David discusses the difference between prayer and prayers, prayerfulness, and the growing issue of spiritual direction, leading into a session on gratefulness.
89 min. 84.1 MB, 2 file(s).
1984, New York Open Center, NYC. Br. David tackles the topic of world religions from a personal perspective: what it means for us to belong to each other and to be at home with God.
56 min. 53.3 MB, 2 file(s).
1984, Big Sur, California. Br. David delves into healing as a universal human concern through the lens of Christian mysticism. Keywords: communion, peak experience, Maslow, belonging, childhood, chakras, the heart, alienation, togetherness, personal healing.
50 min. 47.4 MB, 2 file(s).
1986, Crestone, Colorado. In a conversational style, Br. David explores the biblical creation story as myth: poetic expression of insights that are so true that we don't turn them over to abstract language, which is too brittle to hold their power.
59 min. 55.5 MB, 2 file(s).
New Lebanon, NY. This workshop, at The Abode of the Message, is designed to be a day of healing and peace. Following along, you can imagine yourself right there on the mountain, joining into the gentle spirit of the day.
88 min. 82.8 MB, 2 file(s).
1980, Pastoral Center, New Zealand. Br. David speaks of God's saving power breaking into our lives: not coercively but as the power of invitation. He addresses our fears: of weakness, being a failure, appearing stupid.... He then describes contemplative life, a vision turning into action.
87 min. 82.4 MB, 2 file(s).
1985, St. John The Divine, NYC. After a 14 min. introduction by a woman about the tragedy of the homeless on the city streets of our country, Br. David uses the images of The Peaceable Kingdom and the Pied Piper to talk about our inner homelessness.
45 min. 42.2 MB, 1 file(s).
1979, Loretto Heights College, Kentucky. Br. David views faith in the traditional Christian sense - courageous trust - & applies it to hearts everywhere. He explores themes of interdependence, thanksgiving, consecration, sacrifice, myth & truth. (Note: the banging noises stop after 1 minute.)
81 min. 76.3 MB, 2 file(s).
1982, Mount Saviour, NY. Br. David asks "What should the environment of a monastery do for us?" It is a controlled environment for the cultivation of our contemplative dimension. And we do not have to be a monk to use our environment this way.
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1980, Mount Saviour, NY. Br. David explore creation and redemption stories from the perspective of a poetic theology, which he says holds greater truth than the abstract kind.
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1981, Albany, New York. On the 10th Anniversary of the Abba House of Prayer, Br. David starts this series on prayer. This first segment is about finding our inner anchor: our own center of prayer. After a 10-min. introduction his talk begins.
65 min. 61.2 MB, 2 file(s).

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