Peter Kessler

Peter Kessler, photo by Verena KesslerPeter Kessler, 1934, Swiss, lic.oec.HSG, works as a volunteer coordinating several activities for our German website He lives in Kempraten (Rapperswil-Jona) at the upper end of lake Zurich. His first meeting with Br.David was in 1994 at the International Conference of Transpersonal Psychology in Killarny, Ireland and subsequently at Esalen, CA. Many common activities in the USA and Switzerland have followed.

Peter's professional background is in International HR Management and Outplacement/LifeDesigning. Since giving up his private practice, he has intensified his cooperation with A Network for Grateful living (ANG*L). In his work for ANG*L he is very much supported by his wife Verena. Together with friends, they organized two "Mattli-Meetings" on Lake Luzern with Br.David, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Lynne Twist; Br.David and Chungliang Al Huang respectively. The Kesslers were also involved in the organization of three lectures of Br.David with others in St.Peter's Church Zurich and the church of Kempraten. In his work for and Peter immensely enjoys working together with the whole ANG*L staff and volunteers in Europe, for the benefit of this worldwide Network.

Peter's interests besides ANG*L include: Life designing, spirituality, aging, growth, travelling, nature, Esalen, the Internet,  and networking. He is most grateful for the gifts received from his parents, Max von Dach (former boss), Dick Bolles, Br.David, nature, friends, and Life altogether.