Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
Prayer and love are learned in the hour when prayer becomes impossible and the heart has turned to stone.
Thomas Merton

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Beloved teacher, Angeles Arrien, died one year ago today. Please light a candle in her honor.

You might find hope in the skies like Barbara Crooker describes in her poem.

Lang Elliott shares his gratitude for robins in words, photos and sound!

Celebrate upcoming Earth Day with some Grateful News.

Kristi Nelson writes about cultivating a capacity for gratefulness in this Huffington Post blog.

Our seasonal e-cards change all the time. Come see what's new today.

Itadakimasu is a grateful prayer of abundance by John J. Brugaletta.

In "Just Crabapples," Roger Voight finds tending to his tree all year round nurtures him just as much.

Turning toxic waters full of chemical waste to art? Sounds like Grateful News...

Many people celebrate Lent this month. Read Br. David's User-friendly Lent (also in German).

How can we be ready for whatever comes? Create a "Clearing," says poet Morgan Farley.

Read Br. David's recollections (also in German) of Thomas Merton on this, the 100th Anniversary of his birth.

Read about the exciting accomplishments of our Grateful Living Affiliates in Argentina and Europe.

Enjoy this surprising Grateful News about goats, a 90-year-old designer, and the origins of inventions.

Curious about our non-profit organization? Read our recent Annual Report.

Anne Hillman has us contemplating new beginnings in her poem "We Look With Uncertainty."

6 Surprising Reasons Why Gratitude is Great for Your Health.

Learn about the exquisite new book, "Celebration: Br. David in Patagonia."

There are still spots in two Esalen film seminars with Br. David and Francis Lu in July 2015.

Entrepreneur picks Br. David's TED talk as one of the best to motivate you this year!

Br. David wishes you a "singing heart" not only in this season, but every day of the coming year.

“Within our reach, is joy" writes Fra Giovanni Giocondo in his reassuring Christmas Eve letter of 1513.

“I wish you, at this season, peace as deep as a winter night.." writes Br. David in our December newsletter.

Light a Candle for beloved teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

As you consider your year-end giving, we welcome your contributions - and your dedications for your gifts.

Thank you, to all who helped us to surpass our Indiegogo campaign goal!

Interesting health news about Science and Practice of Gratitude.

The Spiritual Challenge of Our Time - a limited-time, free download of this archival talk by Br. David.

There's still room for you at the Art of Gratefulness workshop December 19-21 at Esalen!

Are you open enough to notice and receive the blessings in your life?

Need some grateful living practice ideas? Here are 30 suggestions for you.

We are excited about the 99+ Things That You Will Love about our upcoming new website!

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Apr 25, ANZAC Day — We hold in our hearts those brave Australians and New Zealanders who lost their lives in the unnecessary slaughter of Gallipoli in 1915 during WWI. We show ourselves grateful for their sacrifice by working for a world at peace.

Apr 25, Annual Sense of Smell Day — A freshly peeled orange, sun-warmed pines, a crisp new-fallen snow: for what fragrances are you most grateful? Through experiments and hands-on experience, children's centers and museums will observe this annual opportunity to appreciate smell. »

Apr 26, Birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted (1822 - 1903) — American-born landscape architect best known for his design of New York's Central Park. Olmsted's gifts in park landscape include key locations in the United States and Canada. »

Apr 27, Birthday of Coretta Scott King (1929 - 2006) — American visionary devoted to racial equality, women’s and children’s rights, nuclear disarmament, gay and lesbian dignity, economic justice, and sound ecology. The widow of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., she exemplifies collaborative thinking and action.

Apr 27, Birthday of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759 - 1797) — British advocate for the rights of women and the overcoming of ignorance leading to their subjugation. Her feminist classic, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects, was published in 1792. »

Apr 27, John James Audubon (1785 - 1851) — Ornithologist Audubon, born in Haiti, is renowned for his 7-volume Birds of America, with its 435 life-size prints, images and text by the author. »

Apr 30, Birthday of Annie Dillard (b. 1945) — American essayist, poet, teacher, painter, and multifaith mystic. Her Pilgrim at Tinker Creek received the 1978 Pulitzer Prize for general non-fiction. Strongly influenced by Thoreau, Dillard calls wildlife "the Divine in nature.”

May 1, May Day — May Day, in the Northern Hemisphere, is one of the most ancient celebrations for Spring. What is it for you, Friends in the Southern Hemisphere? Let us know. »

May 1, Birthday of Judy Collins (b. 1934) — American folk singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and peace activist. Her sharing of the tragedy of her son's death in her book Sanity and Grace and her song "Wings of Angels" brings consolation and hope to others. »

May 1, Global Love Day — Thirty-three countries around the world will celebrate annual Global Love Day to foster unconditional love and tolerance through education, research, and charitable programs. This year's theme: "Love begins with me." »

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Obrigada por fazerem esse site pra que outras pessoas possam rezar tambem. (Thank you for making this site for others to also pray).

— RRS, São Paulo, Brasil

Thank you for this website. It helps me in a difficult time of my life to think about my thoughts. A secret place in each day to be with myself.

— Silvia, Paris, France

I am so grateful that I happened to find your’s perfect to express ones feelings.

— H.N., Germany

Thank you for the peace that I find whenever I visit this site. It is helping me to be more grateful throughout each day too. May there be peace for all life on our beautiful planet.

— JPT, England

What a beautiful way to express gratitude, or ask for help or forgiveness or justice.

— Susan, Fuquay Varina, NC, USA

It is not the events, happenings, burdens that affect us, but how we take them, carry them, embrace them, with gratitude or resistance. May we all be anointed with gratitude every moment.

— Pius Thekemury, Patna, India

Dziękuję piękna strona , SZCZESC BOZE. (Thank you beautiful site, God Bless).

— Helena, Poland

Mit tiefer, lebendiger, tanzender Freude in meinem Herzen, begrüße ich Dich hier und JETZT, mit all meinem tiefen Respekt und Liebe, wundervolles zärtliches Herz. Wundervoll, tiefen herzlichen Dank für diese Webseite ... ♡♡♡♡ (With deep, living dancing joy in my heart, I welcome you here and NOW, with all my deep respect and love, wonderful tender heart. Wonderful, deep thank you for this website ... ♡♡♡♡)

— OMesh, Germany