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Experience, deepen, and share the power of living gratefully.
Open to the great-fullness and opportunity of this moment.
Bring gratitude to life…

I Never Knew Dying Could Be Fun!

A few weeks before my father died in 1997,
he said to my husband Harley, and me,
“I never knew dying could be so much fun!”…

I Awaken Before Dawn

I awaken before dawn, go into the kitchen and fix a cup of tea.
I light the candle and sit in its glow on the meditation cushion.
Taking my cup in both hands…

Books Related to Death & Dying

What does grateful living have to do with death and dying?
They are two sides of the same coin,
one inextricably informing the other…

Overcoming Fear

Br. David responds to a visitor who asks:
If fear is really the one great obstacle against rising
to the spiritual challenge of our time, can you say
a few words as to how we could meet those fears?

"Spark" a Grateful Reflection

If I take full responsibility for my part in any difficulties,
how would this change my experience of the day?