Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.
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Light a Candle for beloved teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Please join our Indiegogo Grow, Grow Gratefulness! campaign!

Need some grateful living practice ideas? Here are 30 suggestions for you.

We are excited about the 99+ Things That You Will Love about our upcoming new website!

Kristi Nelson writes about "Gratefulness and the Power of Radical Sufficiency.

The German translation of Br. David's Encounter with God Through the Senses is up.

How Do You Pray? Celeste Yacoboni asked many people this question, including Br. David.

October's Grateful News includes the Nobel peace prize winners and how gratitude helps us.

Teacher Owen Griffith shares how to change your classroom and yourself with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends! Send a seasonal e-card to a loved one today.

Lynn Martin's poem shows that even in our aloneness, a "deep listening" heals.

Brene Brown on Joy and Gratitude (Featured link up top) Hear about her family's gratefulness practice.

Come to a Gratefulness retreat! November in Montreal and December at Esalen

Send an e-card to a loved one for Rosh Hashanah or to celebrate the Equinox.

This Equinox, let there be "praise of our mutual beauty, our total loving of the World."

Jack Kornfield and Br. David Explore Love and Trust at the Greater Good Gratitude Summit.

Nipun Mehta describes the richness of Br. David's "extreme ordinariness" in a recent blog.

Do you have the courage to Trust in Life when things go wrong? Eve Landis gives us this German translation.

Do you REALLY need that new kitchen? Or would appreciating what you have be more than enough?

Some Grateful News in August concerning a robot, some Legos and a climate rescue plan!

Br. David settled in for an extensive interview in Argentina. Many deep questions and answers.

A great way to gain new perspectives is to watch films full of Zest, Vitality and Humor!

The death of a loved one triggers a difficult question. Jeff Collins' spiritual practice helps him respond.

Deepen your appreciation of relationships through these special films.

"To say 'yes' to this limitless mutual belonging is love," says Br. David in Encounter with God Through the Senses.

Listen to a radio interview with our own Kristi Nelson about living a "full-blown" life, a grateful life.

Tiniest moves forward are like miracles in this poem by Dale Biron.

Brighten someone's life with a Summer e-card!

In this final part of "Grateful Heart, Joyful Heart", we thank Life for its blessings and its lessons.

Honor your favorite graduate with an ecard.

In loving memory of our dear friend, Angeles Arrien, please join us in lighting a candle for her on July 24.

From intergenerational richness to environmental advances, June's Grateful News is bound to make you smile!

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Nov 22, Birthday of (Edward) Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) — British composer of operas, songs, and major orchestral works. His pacifism as eloquently expressed through his War Requiem gives rise to our gratefulness for his vision of a peaceful world.

Nov 22, Feast Day of St. Cecilia — Patroness of church music and musicians, whose feast celebration dates to the 4th century. Depicted with an organ, St. Cecilia has inspired musical tributes by Purcell (“Hail, Bright Cecilia”) and Handel (“Ode on St. Cecilia Day”). »

Nov 23, Birthday of André Caplet (1878 - 1925) — Conductor, composer, and close collaborator with Debussy. Caplet won the Prix de Rome in 1901. His most ambitious work was Le Miroir de Jésus, a lengthy setting of fifteen poems by Henri Gheon meditating on the mysteries of the rosary.

Nov 23, With Love Movement — This World Wide Day of Healing through Letter Writing lets people around the world show gratitude to those who have touched their lives, by sending hand written letters of appreciation, forgiveness, apology, and love to them. »

Nov 24, Birthday of Carlo (Lorenzini) Collodi (1826-1890) — Born in the medieval village of Collodi in Tuscany, Italy, the author of The Adventures of Pinocchio used his birthplace for a pseudonym when he published his classic morality tale as a serial in a periodical in 1883. It continues to delight readers. »

Nov 25, Birthday of Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) — Industrialist, philanthropist, and benefactor whose contributions to education, the arts, public libraries, and world peace inspire our gratefulness.

Nov 26, Death day of Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) — Born in upstate New York, Isabella Baumfree, later known as Sojourner Truth, was a trailblazer in the abolitionist and suffragist movements, becoming a major figure in African-American history. »

Nov 26, Birthday of Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000) — Graphic artist, cartoonist, creator of "Peanuts" comic strip, winner of two Peabody Awards and four Emmys. His gift of presenting life's questions and issues with gentle humor brings readers to deeper self-understanding.

Nov 27, Thanksgiving Day — Today we celebrate life as a gift we share; we give thanks for the generosity of Mother Earth and for all opportunities to make peace within ourselves and in the world. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy anniversary of your Gratefulness website! »

Nov 29, Birthday of C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) — British literary scholar, writer, and critic whose works -- including Screwtape Letters and the Chronicles of Narnia -- bring insight and gratitude. In the Problem of Pain, he writes, "Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness."

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Thank You for the Wonderful Work You Do Providing so Generously so Many with the Gift of Light, Love, Wisdom, and Comfort.

— Geraldine Gauer, Louisville, KY, USA

I am grateful for this site. It makes me feel like I lit the candles for my loved ones and that they know. Kind of like their own personal gift.

— Joan Roberts, Chicago, IL, USA

Great Labyrinth. It’s a real meditation, which offers peace for a moment and relish the life.

— CS Nadurmath, Goa, India

I am grateful for this site. It reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for. I have learned that I can live without answers as long as I am mindful of the presence of God, the Power within.

— R.B., Georgia, USA

When I walk the labyrinth I find the answers to the questions in my heart.

— Bobbie, Lakewood Ranch, FL, USA

A peaceful experience at a time when the winds of autumn swirled around my physical, emotional and spiritual self causing unrest. Now I am back on track. Thank you for being a healing and meditative piece of my life today.

— Kathleen, USA

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

— Juanita Scari, Australia

Jag är tacksam för att det finns en sådan sajt. Jag hedrar min avlidna fru varje dag med en kort bön. Kram till alla efterlevande. (I am grateful that there is such a site. I honor my late wife every day with a short prayer. Hugs to all survivors).

— Lornstam, Sweden