Alive with the Joy of Gratitude
Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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As you consider your year-end giving, we welcome your contributions - and your dedications for your gifts.

Thank you, to all who helped us to surpass our Indiegogo campaign goal!

Interesting health news about Science and Practice of Gratitude.

The Spiritual Challenge of Our Time - a limited-time, free download of this archival talk by Br. David.

There's still room for you at the Art of Gratefulness workshop December 19-21 at Esalen!

Are you open enough to notice and receive the blessings in your life?

Need some grateful living practice ideas? Here are 30 suggestions for you.

We are excited about the 99+ Things That You Will Love about our upcoming new website!

Surprising new uses for buses and Siri among this month's Grateful News items.

Give thanks for all seasons, writes Br. David in his Thanksgiving Song.

Light a Candle for beloved teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Kristi Nelson writes about "Gratefulness and the Power of Radical Sufficiency.

The German translation of Br. David's Encounter with God Through the Senses is up.

How Do You Pray? Celeste Yacoboni asked many people this question, including Br. David.

October's Grateful News includes the Nobel peace prize winners and how gratitude helps us.

Teacher Owen Griffith shares how to change your classroom and yourself with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends! Send a seasonal e-card to a loved one today.

Lynn Martin's poem shows that even in our aloneness, a "deep listening" heals.

Brene Brown on Joy and Gratitude (Featured link up top) Hear about her family's gratefulness practice.

Come to a Gratefulness retreat! November in Montreal and December at Esalen

Send an e-card to a loved one for Rosh Hashanah or to celebrate the Equinox.

This Equinox, let there be "praise of our mutual beauty, our total loving of the World."

Jack Kornfield and Br. David Explore Love and Trust at the Greater Good Gratitude Summit.

Nipun Mehta describes the richness of Br. David's "extreme ordinariness" in a recent blog.

Do you have the courage to Trust in Life when things go wrong? Eve Landis gives us this German translation.

Do you REALLY need that new kitchen? Or would appreciating what you have be more than enough?

Some Grateful News in August concerning a robot, some Legos and a climate rescue plan!

Br. David settled in for an extensive interview in Argentina. Many deep questions and answers.

A great way to gain new perspectives is to watch films full of Zest, Vitality and Humor!

The death of a loved one triggers a difficult question. Jeff Collins' spiritual practice helps him respond.

Deepen your appreciation of relationships through these special films.

"To say 'yes' to this limitless mutual belonging is love," says Br. David in Encounter with God Through the Senses.

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Dec 21, Solstice — As winter begins in the North and summer in the South, we rejoice in the light: gratefully greeting the return of longer days or dancing around a bonfire to honor the longest day and shortest night. »

Dec 23, Birthday of Joseph Smith (1805 - 1844) — American religious leader; translator of the Book of Mormon; founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. Smith received visions beginning at age 14, when he saw "two personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description." »

Nov 30 - Dec 23, Advent — Advent means arrival. Ever since human beings have looked up to the starry skies, they have longed for the arrival of a child to bring us a better future. All of us share this deep longing. The four weeks of Advent give it a Christian expression. »

Dec 16 - Dec 23, Hanukkah — This Jewish Festival of Light celebrates the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was reclaimed from foreign powers. Priests lit the temple lamp using only the tiniest jug of oil. Miraculously, the flame remained alight for eight full days. »

Dec 24, Christmas Eve — ”O little town of Bethlehem...the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.” Think of Bethlehem in our own time; think of your own town. It will depend on us whether the fears are fulfilled or the hopes. »

Dec 25, Christmas Day — At Christmas, Christians celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Yet throughout history Christians and others have perpetuated war and violence. This day invites all of us to pledge anew to make peace in ourselves and in the world. »

Dec 27, Birthday of Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) — French chemist who developed the process of pasteurization as well as vaccines for virulent and contagious diseases. Because of Pasteur's scientific gifts and his dedication, our health is protected in ways not possible prior to his discoveries.

Dec 29, Birthday of Pablo Casals (1876-1973) — Spanish cellist, composer and conductor; peace activist. Music Festivals founded by Casals and held in Prades, France and in Puerto Rico honor great works of music performed by leading artists. »

Dec 31, New Year's Eve — An opportunity to await the New Year with family and friends or in quiet contemplation. Remember with gratitude the past year's challenges and joys: Both have made us stronger.

Dec 26 - Jan 1, Kwanzaa — African-American holiday (est. 1966) celebrating community values of Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith). »

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Gratidão por essa abençoada oportunidade. Muito obrigada! (Gratitude for this blessed opportunity. Thank you!)

— Janice Fenix, Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil

Dear, you are doing wonderful work of spreading peace happiness wisdom all over globe cutting across all countries. Thank you very much.

— Aravind Dhamannavar, India

What a beautiful website! Thank you from a grateful heart for all you do. With love and gratitude,

— Ruth, FL, USA

There is always a freshness in gratitude, like the morning dew that comes gently upon every bit of creation. Man / woman is fully human in the act of feeling gratitude.

— Pius Thekemury, India

I love what you send - and so often it really seems to be just right for that day!

— Julia Ortmans, Norfolk, UK

I am so grateful for this site. I come here when my heart is broken asking for prayer & healing. It's the only place I feel safe to speak. I want to thank you for always being there for so many of us without anyone in our lives.


I would like to say thank you for the readings it gives me peace.

— SR, Ontario, Canada

Je souhaite une santé de fer à tous ceux qui sont malades et qui souffrent beaucoup. J'adore ce site et je vous souhaite bonne continuation. Merci du fond du Coeur. (I want perfect health for all those who are sick and suffering greatly. I love this site and I wish you good luck. Thank you from the heart).

— Samuel Blaise Joseph Ndiaye, Senegal